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Jiří Vančura - tvorba webových stránek - obrázek na pozadí, responzivita
You will always know what's happening with your website.

How does the website creation process work?


Requirement Analysis

Based on your requirements, I'll propose the simplest solution possible.


Website Development

After completing phase 1, I'll start working on the website itself and all the agreed-upon features.


Launching the Website

Upon finalization and approval, I'll submit your website to Google Console, and it will start appearing in Google search results.



I'll provide you with a simple video tutorial for managing your website if needed.

A more detailed description of the entire process is available here

Jiří Vančura - Webdesign

Websites with Easy Customization

You don’t have to worry about not being able to make changes to your website without technical know-how. With Elementor and its user-friendly interface, anyone can do it.

Using WordPress and Elementor, I’ll create a dynamic website that you can easily edit and update according to your needs and preferences.

And if anything comes up… feel free to message me anytime, and I’ll be happy to help.

Jiří Vančura - Tvorba webových stránek, webové stránky

Together, we'll create a website that will be a fantastic tool for you.

Hosting services

Provisioning and configuration of hosting services


Creation of all subpages of the website

Web Design

Selection of appropriate fonts, colors, and more

Responsive Design

Ensuring proper display of the website on all types of devices

Content Creation

Creation of content if needed

Graphic Design

Logo creation, business cards, or corporate presentations


Multilingual versions of the website. Translation into desired languages

SEO Optimization

Visibility in Google search results under keywords

Don't hesitate to inquire without obligation

I’m here to answer any questions you may have regarding WordPress website creation.

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